If we talk about the colors there are lots of things which come to our mind about colors. If you will go to the thousand years back or you look at the current time the colors have the same value as it has thousand years ago. Sometime people think that red color is saying something like joy, some is saying it is a symbol of danger, some is saying it is color of love. But the reason is that it depends that where we use. If we use red color in the field of where color used for communication, there we can interpret red as error or something wrong happen there. But if we use in party it denotes that there is something good is happening now. maybe there is any ceremony or something like that. If you have interest in painting then the color plays the great role in that. if you look the below painting the colors is saying everything. Now we come to our main topic which is Web, and we will discuss about how colors play the role in that. Previously we only use the colors for sentiment to show message to user like Success message, failure message, hold message, critical message etc. But in this time the color is also usage for showing the sentiment of the webpages. Like if a website only used the white and black color it that may be 90% chances of that it should be an official site. There are mainly two types of colors are used to develop the is RGB that cosist the three prameter of colors (RED, GREEN, BLUE) and the other one is the CMYK, it consist the four parameter(cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black))the current trend of the colour is CMYK. as if you see the windows websites, google, twitter etc. So in current years Most of the Web and other development are going of using the CMYK colors.The CMYK #Color code is same as RGB in the following image you will be more clear about the CMYK and RGB If you will go for vintage design concept it also uses the CMYK Color

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